An Observers Package has been developed for the GIO 2018 IWRF WRWC. To be approved as an Observer one must have a motivation for attending, be that to meet with the IWRF to discuss and observe governance or development, or to observe the event management and operational aspects of the event from the Local Organising Committee’s perspective.

All Observers must be approved by either the LOC or the IWRF. All Observers must have a meeting with the IWRF or the LOC with regards to development, governance, future bids, operations, event management or future events.  

Please click here for more information about the Observers Package!

For further information or to apply to be part of the Observers Program, please fill out the form below!     

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By successfully requesting an Observers Package, one can secure information on how to drive the sport of wheelchair rugby into the future as well as get up close and personal at the GIO 2018 IWRF WRWC in Sydney in August. 

Benefits include: 
-    Priority Seating to all matches including finals
-    Exclusive access to teams, the LOC and IWRF
-    Shuttle Bus Access
-    Official Observers Accreditation
-    Ability to upgrade access upon approval 

If you have any questions about the Observers Program, please contact Manager, International Relations, Cherie Harris at