Impressive results at the GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship – Australia remains undefeated!


The GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship saw impressive games across the board today – with Australia remaining undefeated.

Australia, Japan and Denmark remained undefeated in Pool A. The United States of America and France are the undefeated teams in Pool B, making tomorrow’s game key for both teams.

The biggest upset of the day was Poland beating Canada, 45-43. This is the second game in a row where Canada was favoured to win but struggled to keep up with their opposition.

Japan are two-for-two beating New Zealand this morning 56-37

Japan continue to hold their undefeated lead by dominating New Zealand this morning.

New Zealand have not yet won a game, but are determined to keep playing their best and improve their position in Pool A.

“It’s pretty tough playing the best teams in the world. It’s a big step up from domestic rugby with the pace and big hits,” said NZ’s Tyler Jennings.

Denmark continue to hold their lead, defeating Ireland 56-47

Denmark are two-for-two with their win over Ireland this morning.

Without a win yet behind their name, Ireland’s Thomas Moylan scored the most in a single game today – scoring a massive 31 goals against Denmark.

Australia convincing in defeating Sweden this morning 71-38

Australia continues to hold their lead and show why they are World Champions with their massive win against Sweden.

Australia tops the Championships scoring tally – scoring 137 goals in only two games.
“We went out with a lot of intensity early. When we get to the tougher games we want to make sure we are already playing at that level,” said Australia’s Ryan Scott.

USA‘s important win against Great Britain 47-41

USA continue to sit at the top of Pool B with a win against Great Britain. Tomorrow will be a top of the Pool B clash between USA and France.

“They [France] are definitely not to be looked past and we are definitely exciting to be playing them,” USA’s Jeff Butler said.

France remain undefeated, beating Colombia 50-45

France are undefeated, narrowly defeating Colombia today who were keeping pressure on the French.

“They were strong today. It’s always a pleasure to play against them. I wish them the best for the competition,” said France’s Adrien Chalmin.

Poland vs Canada 45-43

Ranked 17th in the world, Poland were ecstatic to beat one of the stronger teams in the Championships – which was also their first win.

“It was a very tough game but we’re making steps and improving a lot,” said Poland’s Mateusz Wawczak.

“This is huge for Poland. Today’s win is another step to beat the top teams in the world.”

Denmark narrowly beat New Zealand 55-54.

In the closest game of the Wheelchair Rugby Championships yet, Denmark pulled one-up on New Zealand to hold their winning streak.

New Zealand are yet to win a game, making the next few days vital.

Sweden saw their first win of the competition in the last game of the day, beating Ireland 52-47.

Following two losses against Denmark and Australia, Sweden lifted their game to get a win on the board.

Ireland remain without a win to their name. Tomorrow’s game against New Zealand will be a bottom of the Pool A clash.

Table as of 10:00am Tuesday 7 August, 2018

Pool A
Team Played Win Loss GF GA GD
Denmark 3 3 0 168 155 13
Australia 2 2 0 137 74 63
Japan 2 2 0 113 74 39
Sweden 3 1 2 144 142 2
Ireland 3 0 3 131 165 -34
New Zealand 3 0 3 127 177 -50
Pool B
Team Played Win Loss GF GA GD
United States 2 2 0 105 73 32
France 2 2 0 101 87 14
Great Britain 2 1 1 99 78 21
Poland 2 1 1 76 98 -22
Canada 2 0 2 83 96 -13
Colombia 2 0 2 77 108 -31

Draw for Tuesday 7 August

10:00am: Colombia vs Poland – Genea Netball Centre
11:00am: Great Britain vs Canada – Quaycentre
12:30pm: France vs United State – Genea Netball Centre
1:30pm: Denmark vs Australia – Quaycentre
3:30pm: New Zealand vs Ireland – Genea Netball Centre
4:00pm: Sweden vs Japan – Quaycentre
6:00pm: Great Britain vs Colombia – Genea Netball Centre
6:30pm: France vs Poland - Quaycentre

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