Appointment of Manager International Relations

Chérie Harris

Disability Sports Australia is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Chérie Harris as the Manager, International Relations for the upcoming GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship!

Chérie brings to this role many years of experience in international level wheelchair rugby, including her role as a past director of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) and her current role as the Chair of the IWRF Development Commission. Her understanding of the sport, world-class wheelchair rugby events, and the needs and requirements of international wheelchair rugby teams competing at this level make Chérie well prepared for this important role.

The Manager International Relations will be responsible for the development, management and implementation of a program of engagement with all international teams, IWRF, IWRF delegates and observers, and Friends and Family attending the GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship.

“Chérie’s appointment is in line with our commitment to ensuring that we remain absolutely focused on who we are holding this event for – the 12 teams participating in this event and those that support them.  Chérie’s experience, professionalism and familiarity with both the IWRF and the international teams are going to be invaluable to us in delivering on this goal. We are so pleased to welcome Chérie to our team” said Jenni Cole, CEO Disability Sports Australia.

“I am excited to be joining an innovative team that is committed to making the GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship the best in every way possible. Retaining the focus on who this event is for is what drew me to the role.” said Chérie. “I look forward to working with everyone from the 12 teams to our fantastic friends and family. This is your sport and we want to showcase all aspects to continue our development globally. Only four months to go!” 
Cherie commences in this role immediately and can be contacted on